Saturday 1 December 2018

Ribbon Candy Ornaments

Hello friends!  Happy December!!! I'm so excited to present my first Rinea project for the month - Ribbon Candy Ornaments!!

I loved ribbon candy as a child! I have many memories of going to my grandma's house and sneaking the ribbon candy. I have recently found it at a local store, so I am excite to share my love with my children!  I loved the idea of making ribbon candy ornaments to bring happy memories to my holiday tree!
They are really simple to make too - all you need is some Rinea Foiled Paper in your fave color (I used my fave - Jade Glossy Foiled Paper and the Jade Starstruck Foiled Paper), hat pins and pretty beads!!

I cut my strips into 1.5" and 2.0" pieces (I did use the 6x12" Crafters Pack for these). All you have to do is push your pin through one end, add a bead, and fold it back over again....repeating until you are out of paper!! I added a stopper bead at the bottom of the hat pin and some thin wire to hang them!



Look at all the different sizes and shapes I made!  There were a couple that I did two strips and alternated the the pieces. So much fun!
So now you have a fun snowy day project to do with your kids!  Plan some snowy day fun with Rinea Foiled Papers!!
See you again soon!

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