Saturday 2 November 2019

Rinea Holiday Ornament

Hello crafty friends!

I have a brand new project to share with you today for Rinea!  As you can see, we are making this beautiful holiday ornament today!  Or you could use it was a bow for a present! could make it bigger and turn it into a wreath or wall decor!  The ideas are endless.  First up, here are the supplies you will need:
Jolly Foiled  Paper Variety Pack  - I used the Starstruck in Ruby, Silver and Emerald along with the Gloss in Silver/Gold and Ruby/Gold for this project.
Hot Glue Gun
Paper Trimmer
1 3/4" Punch (or die if you prefer)

Here is my video tutorial to show you how to make it:

Check out the blue version I created too using the Frosted Variety Pack:

Thanks for tuning in!  See you again next time!


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