Friday 17 January 2020

Valentine's Home Decor DIY

Hello friends!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Typically, I don't do a ton of decorating, but I set up a small space in my house for seasonal displays last summer - so of course I needed some new ideas!

After many unsuccessful shopping trips trying to find something I liked, off to Pinterest I went (haha - don't we all?).  My home style isn't necessarily "farmhouse" and really doesn't have an overall theme. I love mid-century, clean lines, Scandinavian design, modern, industrial AND farmhouse - so I mash them up and do what I like. (ok all you interior designers - insert a loud GASP here!).

For my projects today, I decided on some canning jars, wood, fabric and bookstacks. Using pretty basic supplies that I had in my house, I managed to spend literally $2. in materials (I needed a couple pink paints).  The jars are just upcycled from my gigantic canning stash and I always have Kunin Felt on hand to make flowers with.  Books - well, I have been purging my own stash before thrifting for more.  We have a bin of wood odds and ends in our garage - yeah for scraps. And of course, I have a huge fabric stash too.

The jars were simple - paint, let dry and scuff up a bit. I tied some jute twine around them for a more rustic feel.  I had some peel off removable tape hearts, so I added them to one of the jars as a mask. When the paint was dry, I simply peeled off the tape.  The felt flowers are all hand cut and hand crafted. I just used some basic techniques online and got cutting! I've been making them for years, so they come together quite quickly. The flowers were hot glued to the top of the jars. Done! :)


I found an idea on Pinterest to make an XO from wood and an embroidery hoop. Two pieces of scrap wood were screwed together, then rough painted and sanded. Easy peasy! I added a piece of pink fabric to a wooden embroidery hoop and it became my "O".


Book stacks!  These I have been really enjoying making. I took some random hardcover books and painted them. Once dry, I hotglued them together and died some jute. I punched out some labels and distressed them, then glued them on the books.



I tucked my Scentsy warmer in behind the jars - it's the Mason Jar style so it fits right in!

There you have it - my handmade Valentine's suite made to fit my own style and decor.  You can make them too - it actually didn't take very long. The longest part was waiting for the paint to try so I could paint the other side of the books. I have since added a candle and another little chalked sign to the display. I'm sure a candy dish will make it's way in there too. hehe

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you will share your Valentine's Decor with me too.

Chat soon!