Saturday, 9 December 2017

Rinea Christmas Ornaments

Hello crafty friends!

As I was working my way through my Rinea paper, I really wanted to make some ornaments!  So off to the local dollar store I went in search of foam balls. Oh boy - I found more than foam balls!  I found wreath forms, snowflakes, cones.....a whole assortment of goodies!  As you can see, I already was playing with the cone shape, and the snowflakes will come later. Today, it's ornaments!  For this project, I used the FROSTED VARIETY PACK.  Aren't the colors just gorgeous?

I started by using a small trio flower punch & large flower punch (Stampin' Up!).  I punched out a TON of pieces in all 3 colors & textures- light blue, dark blue and silver & stars!  Then, one by one, I started attaching the flowers to my foam ball using glass head pins. I used a LOT of pins! hehe  I also added a small flower to the center of the larger flower.  As you can see, you can bend and shape the petals to the position you would like them - and then they keep their shape!

I literally just kept pinning until all the white styrofoam was covered.  To add my hanger, I took a piece of ribbon and tied a knot.  Then I used a pin dipped in a little hot glue and pushed it through the ribbon into the ball to hold.  That's it!  So super easy and beautiful!  I couldn't stop I did a smaller version too.  This one primarily used the textured version of the beautiful Rinea Foil. I also just used Glue Dots instead of pins for the smaller ornament.

Here you can see the size differences in the two.

I even got really "techy" and made a little video - but I will post that over on Instagram - head over there to see!

I hope you are getting in the holiday spirit - I sure am with all the Christmas pretties I've been making!  Stay tuned for more Rinea fun all month long!

See ya soon!


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