Tuesday, 16 June 2020

DIY Giant Dice Games with Rinea

Hello crafty friends!

Today I have for you another red, white & blue patriotic project using Rinea Foiled Paper - a Dice Game with TWO OPTIONS to play!

OPTION 1 - Adults Only Drinking Game
OPTION 2 - Exercise HIIT Workout

Now - I will start with a disclaimer to please drink responsibly and most importantly, NEVER drink and drive.  

Not into drinking games? Use it to do a HIIT Workout!

Keep on reading to see how it will work.

I used the Ruby Starstruck Foiled Paper, the BRAND NEW Cobalt/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper and the Arctic Starstruck Foiled Paper for this project. You will also need a 3" cube (I had one in my stash, but you would use a small gift box or something similar) and glue.

Step 1 - cut your foiled paper!
I simply cut 3"x 3" squares of each of the three colors.


Step 2 - adhere to your cube!
I used some Tombow Adhesive to glue my Rinea papers to the cube sides. Make sure to glue as close the edge as possible so it doesn't start peeling.


Step 3 - add your numbers!
I used a 1" Circle punch to cut dots from my scrap foiled paper to make the numbers. The appropriate number of dots were added to each side of the giant dice to add the number 1 through 6.


Step 4 - play your game!
Ok!  Now you are ready to play. So here are the rules: for the DRINKING GAME:

Roll a 1 - YOU take a drink
Roll a 2 - the person to your RIGHT will take a drink
Roll a 3 - you GIVE a drink to a person of your choice
Roll a 4 - the person to your LEFT will take a drink
Roll a 5 - EVERYONE drinks
Roll a 6 - YOU drink twice

Not into drinking? Here is an EXERCISE alternative! 
Do each exercise for 1 minute, then roll again!  Do that 30 times and you have a 30 minute workout!

Roll a 1 - run in place
Roll a 2 - push-ups
Roll a 3 - jumping jacks
Roll a 4 - squats
Roll a 5 - crunches
Roll a 6 - burpees

I hope you have fun with whatever option you choose!

Remember, you can save 10% on your Rinea order when you shop HERE. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you are inspired to use your Rinea Foiled Paper to create something fun.

See you again soon!


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